León Cosgrove

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    Lighter. Elite trial attorneys without the excess expense and clutter.

  • A vision of fewer layers and bigger wins.

    Smarter. A vision of fewer layers and bigger wins.

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    Faster. Unmatched efficiency and access.

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    Lighter. A refreshing approach to each particular case.

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    Smarter. A unique blend of legal talent and trial experience.

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    Faster.  Trial attorneys driven towards results.  

About Us

León Cosgrove LLC is a law firm specializing in complex business litigation pending throughout the United States. There is no costly pyramid structure at León Cosgrove. As a business, we are lean and un-leveraged to deliver better results at less cost.

Our lawyers, most of whom are former federal law clerks, were educated at top schools and trained at the world’s largest and most prestigious firms. They have spent their entire legal careers representing clients in some of the most complex lawsuits filed in the United States.

Our clients are our partners, with whom we will share risk in both plaintiff and defense cases all over the country. It's the way we win.

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