León Cosgrove

León Cosgrove Attorney Clears Last Legal Hurdle to Collecting on $180 Million Fraud

By: Derek E. León

León Cosgrove has cleared a final legal hurdle to executing damage awards handed down by New York trial courts against convicted felons Maurice and Leon Cohen for their massive $180 million plus fraud against French banking entity CDR Creances S.A.S.

After years of complex litigation, on Feb. 18, 2014, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal entered a final order denying the Cohens’ request for a re-hearing of a 2012 Miami-Dade 11th Circuit Court ruling in favor of CDR’s right to collect on its New York judgments. Scott B. Cosgrove was co-lead counsel on the litigation domesticating the New York judgments to Florida.

In 2003 and 2006 CDR brought two actions in New York against the Cohens and several of their shell entities. The litigation resulted in five separate judgments in New York against the Cohens and their entities Blue Ocean, Iderval, and Summerson for amounts ranging from $268 to $187 million.

To collect on these New York judgments, Mr. Cosgrove domesticated them in Florida. He then brought a consolidated proceeding action naming additional parties he argued should also be responsible as alter-egos of the judgment debtors. Florida trial and appeals courts found for CDR and against all the original New York debtors, as well as the additional parties named in the Florida consolidated proceeding.